3 Signs it's Time for a Logo Redesign

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Lately there's been lots of chatter about The Olive Garden's new look. Facing declining sales, the restaurant chain underwent a cosmetic change via their logo, bringing a bit of sophistication to the old-world traditional look that has been Olive Garden's identity since 1982. Darden Restaurants is calling the changes a "brand renaissance;" while they updated their logo, they've also launched menu updates, interior renovations and online ordering options. But the question is, is the new logo enough to entice drive-bys to become walk-ins?

Logo redesign can be risky. You invest capital in a redesign while walking away from the brand that is most recognizable to your customer base. But if you don't change with time, you may become obsolete. Here are 3 signs that it's time to refresh your logo.


1. Your logo no longer represents you. Every business evolves over time. Maybe you started out offering a cleaning service, and now you also sell an entire line of eco-friendly cleaning products? If your logo no longer reflects the whole of your business, it may be time for an update.

2. Your logo is way, way out of date. Experts advise a logo refresh as often as every five years. Color fads change, fonts go in and out of style. If your logo gives the impression that your are out of touch, or it doesn't work in all marketing formats, including digital and print, it's time to make a change.

3. You no longer stand out in a crowd. Competition in your industry has surged, or an online startup recently launched with a similar-looking logo. If you look like everyone else (or everyone else looks like you), it's time to reinvent.


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