3 Tips for a business "Back to School" plan

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School-age kids aren't the only ones who return to the classroom in the fall. When you stop learning, you take yourself out of the running for success. Expert advice and common sense alike indicate that whether you're an independent financial planner or a start-up coffee shop, a design firm or budding art gallery, arming yourself with knowledge will only open doors.

Dividing your energy between business operations, entrepreneurial day-to-day tasks, managing a quick bite for lunch and scraping out a healthy bottom line can keep any new business owner running. Is it worth adding education and training on top of an already busy schedule and restricted budget?  Yes. Every time, yes. Here are three tips to keeping your business savvy sharp.


1. Continuing Education Credits. Be sure you are on top of all requirements to keep your business up to code and within legal parameters. Continuing education, certifications and industry-specific trainings are ongoing requirements in many fields. Plan out your annual certification and licensure renewals to ensure they remain up to date.


2. Invest in knowledge of business, economy, job-specific skills, national or international relations, recent and relevant history, through online courses, like this list of 10 free online courses highlighted by Business Insider. Or check with your local college workforce and adult learning programs for continuing education opportunities.


3. Become an expert on a new subject by focusing your online research and social media on a specific topic. Find new outlets on Twitter, subscribe to e-newsletters on topics that interest you. And carve a small amount of time out each day to read.


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