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Just about everyone has his or her time of day; you're either a morning person or night owl. Fruits have seasons, and even social media has its peak. The web has it's own circadian rhythm and to maximize your content; you should know when it'll get the most eyes, which translates to likes, clicks, shares, and re-tweets. Take your audience and choice of social media into consideration, and get posting! Where and when are the best times to post your content online?


By now, most everyone knows the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Studies about user preferences, traffic, and peak user hours are prolific. Once your content is ready, here's when people will see it:


Facebook: This seems like a busy place most of the time, and some organization's strategy seem to be a post every few hours. But to hit the peak, look towards the end of the week, on Thursday or Friday around the lunch and end of workday hours. More specifically, according to Quicksprout, the best time for the most shares is 1 PM and clicks is 3 PM and general interaction between 7 and 9 PM. Friday's activity usually spikes about 10%, in line with workers' "happiness factor." In fact, Buddy Media says, "The fewer people want to be at work, the more they're on Facebook."


Twitter: Users of twitter run the gamut, from businesses to celebrities, news outlets, publishers and many, many followers. Twitter users peak online Monday through Friday from 1-3 PM and noon to 6 PM. Re-tweets are at their highest at 5 PM. Want to increase the value of your tweets? Use images. Tweets with pictures increase clicks by 36% and re-tweets by 41%, according to Social Media Week.


LinkedIn: Designed for the working set, LinkedIn users check in earlier in the morning and again at the end of the workday. AddThis reports you get the most shares on Tuesday between 10-11 AM, but, in general, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the busiest days, between 7-9 AM and again at 5 or 6 PM. Ninety-three percent of B2B marketers rated LinkedIn as the top social media lead generation source.


Google+: The jury still seems to be out on this social media platform. Business Insider reported in January that of  the Google+ 2.2 billion users, only 6% actively post. Those users are growing in the 45-54 age range, with peak activity on Wednesdays at 9 AM. Google+ is different in that it doesn't set character limits, like Twitter, and it's not designed to connect to a vast network of "friends," like FaceBook. The purpose is more to create a community of like-minded individuals based on your interests, preferences, and relevance.


Pinterest: Unlike the other platforms, Pinterest's most active time is Saturday, between 2-4 AM, 8 PM - 1 AM, with peak activity at 9 PM. According to a Pinterest infographic, the platform's users are 68% women, predominantly aged 25-34, but users of all ages flock to Pinterest for recipes, design ideas, retail, and more.  


Instagram: Quicksprout reports that Fortune 500 companies pepper Instagram with photos during workweek hours, Monday through Friday, with posts spiking between 3-4 PM. Interaction with this platform stays relatively consistent through the week, with only a slight dip on Sundays.


Two major considerations for posting to these platforms is time zone, yours and that of the audience you wish to reach and your audience itself. Combine your efforts to post to each social media platform in the most meaningful, productive way. How much do you rely on social media to get your message out?


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