Customer Focus Drives Consumers to Favor Small Businesses

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When it comes to a personalized experience US consumers tend to choose small businesses rather than the non-personal experience of a large business. Lower prices arenߣt as much of a factor when it comes to choosing small businesses as one might think.  In April 2014 data provided by AYTM Market expressed that personal service was the second largest contributing factor to choosing small business with supporting local economy being number one.


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A study done in August of 2013 by and Toluna provided results that were similar. The greatest influencing factor when deciding what type of business to go to was customer service. Small businessesߣ seem to have a better understanding of customersߣ needs and have a greater ability to provide a personalized and intimate experience. toluna.gif


The characteristics that are assigned to small business are generally agreed upon by US consumers and small business decision makers. Without surprise, consumers put a focus on the customer at the top of the list of important characteristics. Another factor of small business stressed by the decision-makers was that small businesses were owner-operated and accountable.


As the people behind the small businessesߣ are dedicated to creating credible businesses that provide a friendly experience they are in turn creating environments that focus heavily on the customer and people are more likely to be drawn to them as a result.


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