Persistence, Perseverance & Positivity

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Entrepreneurship is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work on projects you are truly passionate about. To become a successful small business owner, however, positivity is key. As an entrepreneur, you dedicate 110% of your time, energy, and effort to your business. You eat, sleep, and breath small business.

Unfortunately, this may lead to burn out. It’s easy to get caught up in setbacks like a slow sales day, client complaints, or a milestone that you haven’t achieved. Persistence, perseverance, and positivity are key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here’s how to keep yourself motivated when you’re facing entrepreneur burnout:


·        Take time for yourself: As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about your product or service. Focusing solely on your business success can become overwhelming, however. Remember to set aside time for interests, outside of your business, that bring you joy. Taking time to read a good book, walk your dog, or watch your favorite show can reduce stress and anxiety, and allow you to recharge and come back to work stronger and happier than before.


·        Focus on your achievements: It’s easy to dwell on a poor customer review and wallow in the disappointment of a minor setback. Although a mistake may seem monumental at the time, it is important to focus your energy on the success you have achieved as a small business owner. You can’t please everyone 100% of the time, but you can focus your energy on learning from your mistakes and celebrating small victories.


·        Cut out the negativity: Misery loves company. If you find yourself consistently working with a negative person, or dealing with an employee with a poor attitude, it may be time to reassess their value to your business. Entrepreneurs generally employ a small staff, and it only takes one person with a poor outlook to derail the mission of your organization. Letting go of negative employees can reframe your whole day, and replace a rain cloud with sunshine.


·         Focus on small problems first: As an entrepreneur, your goal is to become self-sufficient and successful. While your overall goal may be increasing your revenue, you will not reach that goal overnight. Focus on smaller, achievable accomplishments first. Solve minor problems in your operating procedures, resolve a customer complaint, or give your employees additional training to avoid future mistakes. Solving minor problems first sets you up to accomplish loftier goals in the future.


·        Talk to your mentor: Reach out to colleagues or other entrepreneurs that have experienced similar small business struggles. The minor act of empathizing with like-minded individuals can take a weight off of your shoulders and allow you to refocus your energy into positivity.


·        Step away from social media: Let’s face it, your community lives on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar platforms can be invaluable for promoting and networking your small business. But they can also lead you to compare yourself to other businesses in your field. People tend to highlight the “good life” on social media, and do not broadcast their setbacks or failures. This can lead you to believe that you are not as successful or as accomplished as other small businesses. Take a break from watching your competitors, and focus on your personal success as a small business owner. Remember: social media is only a highlight reel!


·        Share the success: Mentor a new friend, colleague or professional that is inspired by your success. Sharing insight into your own trials, failures, and achievements as a business owner can remind you why you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place.


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