Spring cleaning tips for your small business

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We've slipped into spring. Maybe you haven't put up with biting cold or shoveled much snow. Maybe the sun heats your world most days. But the calendar switch is a mental switch, too. "Spring cleaning" is a common phrase because it's a chance for renewal (again).


Are you thinking of ways to bring a spring cleaning mentality to your small business?


Whether you're online, or you have a bricks and mortar location, no doubt you can benefit from a fresh perspective, a "cleaning out."


Website spring cleaning


Like everywhere else, websites have a way of growing, with clutter forming here and there. De-cluttering a website means taking a look at each page and getting rid of what doesn't need to be there. Can you clean up your virtual inventory? Are there better ways to communicate a message? Is there information on your site that's obsolete? Have you been too busy to add relevant information?


There's no statistical information on how often you should redesign your website, according to A Visual Identity, an Arizona-based web development company. If it looks current, if you are regularly sharing relevant content, if it's performing well in organic searches and your customers offer positive feedback, you don't need to redesign.


In fact, they say, "A good rule of thumb is to redesign your website when the site no longer meets your company objectives or is not meeting its overall objectives."


If you see that a large percentage of visitors are mobile, and your site isn't mobile-friendly, or if you need to click multiple times to get to important information, you might consider redesigning. Are you graphic heavy and not ranking well in searches? Well-written copy might help with search engine optimization.


Lastly, clean up any links that have gone dead and get rid of links to outdated materials elsewhere on the internet.


Logo spring cleaning


The same logic follows with your logo. The visual centerpiece of your company's brand, your logo, is not the reason why people use your services or shop your products, but it is the way you're first recognized. How do you know when to refresh? Ask some questions about your logo:


  • Does it translate well from print to digital?
  • Does it look outdated, or bring a feeling of unworthiness?
  • Has your company merged or changed focus and left your logo out of the changes?
  • Would changing it make a positive difference?


Perhaps as you spring clean, pose these questions with your logo in mind. If it doesn't represent your company in its current form, if it looks outdated, think about a fresh redesign. But if changing it would unnecessarily cause your customers to pause, maybe it's just right.


"Shop" spring cleaning


Whether your "shop" is a retail space or a small, private office, a good, thorough cleaning is as important here as it is in your home. Consider your inventory and how it's displayed. Fix things that are broken--chairs, equipment, window blinds. Check in with your employees about their office space or workspace. Are there improvements that would make their workday better? Clean out the office fridge.


Finding capital to make improvements


As you take stock of your digital and physical space, make a list of the improvements you'd like to see. Do you need capital to invest in website changes, website analytics, or physical shop changes? Do you want to make quick improvements or investments in technology or software? Consider alternative lending options, like the funding solutions available from BizLender, a leading provider of alternative lending solutions.


With a quick online application, BizLender can assess your business needs and source lending options that put cash in your account quickly. A business cash advance or merchant cash advance are options that fund your business with flexible repayment schedules. Call 855-404-3070 or find BizLender online to talk with their lending professionals about your lending options today!

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