The Importance of Direct Marketing

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Every dollar you spend on marketing should produce a return. It's that simple. Therefore it's important to build your brand without spending big bucks. Promote your company via word of mouth and social media. Operate in a way that your name is synonymous with good quality, top-notch service, the best solution to a problem or true uniqueness in a saturated market. 

Handing out flyers on a street corner or investing in a website redesign are vastly different approaches, but both require a marketing budget. While the biggest companies may invest in Super Bowl commercials and the most visible billboards in the biggest cities, smaller businesses need to focus on a measurable, attainable direct marketing plan, and then measure the return.


5 Direct Marketing Tips for Successful Return

  • Follow up on sales activity or request feedback to know how your businesses are meeting customers' needs or expectations.
  • Think about mail-order advertisements in a world that rely on technology. Put simply, you need not make face-to-face contact to sell your product or service. Studies still point to the effectiveness of mail order advertising, including postcards, letters, and catalogs.
  • Include an offer. You market your business to find customers, so a marketing effort to increase awareness is not enough. Offer clear incentive for your customers to come to you.
  • Rework your words. The copy has the power to reign in attention and specifically define your business. Be sure your content marketing is clear and powerful. Revise continually to stand out to your audience.
  • End on a call to action. Don't let your marketing effort leave a potential customer wondering what to do next. Rather, make it clear that an offer ends, a quantity is limited, or there is otherwise an urgent need for your product or service.


Whether your marketing budget comes from operational profit, an alternative loan or small business loan, be sure your direct marketing plan is solid, clear and measurable.


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