The Modern-Day Press Release

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The press release: a document to share your businesses event, new product, new employee or other relevant, current story with the media. Years ago, it was sent off to newspapers with the hope it would get picked up and printed, maybe generate a news story. Today's press release can achieve so much more for your small business.

Go Multimedia

No longer a static document, your press release should include taggable graphics and video. Choose an image or images that relate to your news and include the release headline in the name and tags. Also, use hashtags and the image URL linked to your release title in the photo title to ensure the picture comes up in searches related to your subject.

Releases with images and video are typically shared three times more often than those without and people tend to remain on your site for 30 seconds longer if there's graphic and video content. PR Newswire blog, Beyond PR, posted their 5 must do tips for PR professionals in nonprofits this year. Great advice for both profit and non-profits alike, they say to incorporate multimedia into your message. Publishing content including your logo, infographic and/or brief YouTube video online can increase your visibility by over 552%.


Remember the Value of SEO

Develop a list of keywords and compare them with Google's Keyword Planner, and then use them in your headline, subheads and PR body. The trick is offering well-written copy without awkwardly scattered keywords throughout the article. Also place your links strategically in your copy. Rather than linking your company name in the release, link your products and services back to your website. Descriptive phrases, which people may enter in a search goes farther than the name of your business.


Coordinate With Your Social Media Efforts

As you release the statement, also coordinate with all networks to your advantage, posting to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn. Always link back to your news page, and ensure that your employees are posting to their own accounts. The more backlinks to your website, the more searchable your news will be.

Promoting your company's news and events requires more effort and coordination in today's online marketplace. As platforms and technology changes at a rapid rate, be sure your marketing professionals are in every possible loop. Thinking of hiring a PR firm to launch your company to the top? Contact Bizlender today to learn how a business cash advance can help!

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Last edit: March 6, 2018


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