Tips to Drive Sales

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So your business is up and running… now what? Sales and customer satisfaction will be the primary goals of any successful business. Here are some tips to get ahead:

Reward Programs: Making the customer feel appreciated can take your business a long way. Let the customer know how much their business means to you. One type of reward program would be the use of a point system. After a consumer earns enough points, they are given some type of reward. It could be a discount or even something for free. This is a great way to maintain a solid customer base and keep them coming back!

Social Media: One of the best ways to keep people informed about your business is through social media outlets. Make a page for your business on Facebook, Twitter or one of the 20 other sites available, it is generally free and very easy to do. From there, you are able to post updates, list available products and services and invite everyone you can to see the page. To increase sales with the use of social media, you could even hold contests or drawings and really get people involved. Doing this would keep potential customers engaged and thinking about your business. This is a great advertising tool and it is free and has the potential to reach thousands.

The Upsell: Upselling isnߣt just getting a consumer to buy additional items. Upselling is offering additional items that make sense with their original purchase, or maybe an updated version of the product they want. Letting a customer leave without offering additional items is not only a major hit to your business, but it is also a disservice to the customer. They may need what you could have offered, but just hadnߣt thought of it. Upselling shows that you are thinking of their needs and it also helps to drive your sales numbers. 

Stay Competitive: The inability to match and inevitably beat what your competitors can offer will tank your sales. Pay attention to your local competition. If your sales numbers leave quite a bit to be desired and your competition is thriving, find out why. Are they offering something you arenߣt? Are you charging too much for a certain service? Looking at what your business is offering with a critical eye will give you the competitive edge you need to keep your sales high.

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