Top Finance Apps for Small Business Owners

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Managing finances can be tricky in a small business, especially since there are so many other business-y things to keep track of day-to-day. Thankfully, you donߣt need to be able to do everything yourself if you can find the right tools to help you keep track of your dollars and cents. Hereߣs a list of some of the best small business financing apps to help you manage your dollars.


Easy Books                                                       

This app helps small business owners track bank account balances, cash flow, business expenses, invoices, assets, earnings, credit card statements, etc. The app will let you generate invoices and cost estimates for customers on the fly, and syncs easily with all iOS devices.



Snap photos of receipts, bills, and any other type of financial document, and it will be immediately uploaded into Shoebox. Shoebox also records the transaction date, vendor name, cost, and method of payment so that nothing gets lost in the paperwork shuffle. This will especially come in handy when tax time rolls around.



This app is a great business finance manager, allowing you to link your bank account information and credit card and then immediately tracking where your money is going to help you re-allocate funds and plan for the future.  The app will organize your transactions into expense categories to take the guesswork out of your expense reports.


Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal

This is the fancy app youߣve likely seen that lets small business owners run customer debit/credit card transactions through their iPhone or iPad. Payments are secure, and you can use it anywhere.



This app helps you to fill out expense reports without pulling your hair. It can also log mileage, import credit card history, and generate eReceipts when you need them.



This app helps you to stay on top of all Bloomberg happenings and news in the financial industry.


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