Use it or Lose it - Tips to Make the Most of Your Merchant Cash Advance

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Alternative funding solutions have grown more and more popular as loan restrictions have grown tighter and the economy has grown tougher. Traditional business lenders can make it hard for small and medium business owners to get the cash they need quickly and hassle free. Thankfully, options have opened up for business owners to obtain working capital from other funders and make funding deals that are tailored to their needs. One of the most popular alternative funding options is the Merchant Cash Advance, a program that is repaid through a daily percentage of a business' credit card sales.

Here are some tips to help you be successful.

Keep Your Eye On Opportune Moments - One of the best perks of a Merchant Cash Advance is that it puts money in your bank account quickly. You don't have to wait for a letter in the mail confirming that you've been approved; funders direct deposit your money within a few days. This frees you up to make quick, strategic moves with the funds you need. Do you have an opportunity to move locations? Need to move a product fast? Cash advances can give you the cash to take advantage of new opportunities as they happen, so keep an eye out and know when it's time to pull the trigger.

Let Your Existing Cash Flow Free You.

One of the best things Merchant Cash Advances offer you is the freedom to make additions to your business without disturbing your existing cash source. While your existing business continues to make you money, you can use your new cash to fund an expansion, increase your inventory or start a new product line that will yield new profits.  Now is the time to invest in your business.

Make A Plan.

Merchant Cash Advances are usually considered short-term partnerships so you will want a clear plan for employing these funds before the money shows up. Make sure that however you use it (and you can use it for any business purpose you choose), you are investing in something that is more likely than not to yield a profit in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, your funder ought to be able to answer the nitty gritty questions you might have about the technical parts of your cash advance, so don't hesitate to ask.

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Last edit: March 6, 2018


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