Ways to Stay Open Amid Sluggish Small Business Growth in the U.S.

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The landscape is tough right now for small business. Small business in the U.S. is "literally dying" in a big way due to regulatory and legal clearances, according to a post on Breitbart.com.

Proof is according to Gallup, that ranks small business growth in the U.S. as 12th in the world, following countries like Italy, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand and Sweden.

The post highlights the disparity in new business creation from the 1980s versus today. Thirty years ago there were more than 100,000 new businesses staying open than there were closing. Today, 70,000 more businesses close than are even started. Since two-thirds of jobs are created by small business, this statistic could point to the sluggish job market. With a grim outlook, how do you stay alive in this tough market?


Seek Free Resources and Business Advice

Find a SCORE mentor in your area. SCOREs mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. Mentors with the organization volunteered more than 1.1 million hours to help start up more than 38,000 businesses and mentor and train more than 124,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs. Experienced business owners turned volunteers can help you navigate unfamiliar areas such as taxes, human resource issues and reading business trends.

Free eBooks and websites like HubSpot's Internet Marketing resource guides, offering eBooks and whitepapers written by marketing experts.

Small business expert advice on websites like Entrepreneur's Small Business Resource Center, with a collection of how-to guides on topics like business planning basics, ways to save money, information on business financing, the basics of employee benefits.

The recipe for a successful small business includes everything from a solid business idea and plan to access to start-up capital, knowledge of business regulation and laws that apply to your business, successful marketing practices, and plain luck. Seek resources to support your ideas, and be one an entrepreneur who helps change the trend.


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