What to Know Before Getting a Merchant Cash Advance

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You're on the verge of really good growth, but you need more cash. If you hire three more people, you'll hit all of your production goals. There's a golden opportunity right in front of you, but you need to capitalize now. When you sense your business is about to take a leap forward, but you need capital to make it happen, quickly, you are in a good spot to consider a merchant cash advance.


 In exchange for money now, you are giving future earnings to a lender with each swipe of a customer's credit card, but you're paying your debt every day, rather than in a lump sum, often making the obligation easier. It sounds good, and it can be great, if you do your homework.


 Know your lending source. Check with the better business bureau, make sure the company you choose is accessible and committed to your success. Online can seem impersonal, even distant. Bizlender bridges the digital gap by partnering with you, assigning a dedicated account manager; a person you can call on with questions. Once you've passed the pre-approval process, you receive a clear contract.


Know your business. Track sales, research your market, understand your business risks and have a solid idea of future earning potential. Lenders want to provide you with opportunities to grow and succeed, but it's up to you to realize the dream.


Know the terms and fees. Loans, whether secured from a bank, unsecured or cash advances of any type carry inherent risk. Therefore, lending establishments must build in safety nets to ensure they can continue lending. All terms and fees should be listed up-front. Read the small print and understand the terms before you sign.



Alternative funding helps many businesses find success. Read customer testimonials, and talk to us about the programs and possibilities available through a merchant cash advance. Call Bizlender at 855-404-3070.


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