Which is Worse, Unemployment or a Bad Job?

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A report out of the United Kingdom recently suggests that having a bad job may be more psychologically damaging than being unemployed. Experts have long warned about the emotional strain that unemployment takes on a person. A person unemployed for six months or longer often experiences

  • depression
  • worse eating habits, leading to binge eating and weight gain
  • stress and anxiety
  • interrupted sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and related health problems
  • strained relationships


So how could a bad job be worse? The researchers say that a bad job--one that fails to stimulate or is poorly suited to the worker--can lead to the same and worse psychological issues. And those who transition from unemployment into a poorly suited job may suffer more.


Qualities of a job that make it appealing include autonomy, challenge, variety and task discretion. A job that is monotonous, boring, unchallenging--though still a job--factors day in and day out on a person's overall well-being. And while the unemployed typically search actively for quality work, those stuck in a dead-end, unsatisfying job may become entrenched.


When is it time to go?

Budding entrepreneurs often hover on that fine line of when to jump ship and begin on one's own. If the current job is limiting creativity, or not well suited, consider the psychological effects it may be having versus unemployment, or the chance to work as a self-employed small business owner. Does your new opportunity offer autonomy, challenge, variety and task discretion? With the proper resources--available cash flow, a well-researched idea, honed business sense and perseverance, maybe more than the bottom line could flourish.


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Last edit: March 6, 2018


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