Why You Want Your Employees to Vacation

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Work yourself to the bone, and you'll burn out. If you're a small business owner or tireless entrepreneur, you know it and have maybe experienced it. Common sense, yes, and yet studies have been devoted to the benefits of relaxation, time off and rest for working people.

A recent Huffington Post article titled "Way Too Many Americans Took ZERO Vacation Days in 2014" highlights our culture's severe lack of acceptance to taking some R&R. Says the article, that according to Skift, one of today's foremost authorities on travel trends, almost 42 percent of Americans did not take a single vacation day in 2014.

The survey questioned 1,500 American adults on the number of vacation days they took. On an average of 10 allotted vacation days, just shy of half of the people surveyed reported taking not one single day.


Benefits of Vacations


The most obvious benefit to you or your employees taking a vacation is akin to setting a reset button in perspective, energy levels and creativity. Vacations benefit both mental and physical aspects of health. Skipping vacations for five straight years, in one study of 13,000 middle-aged men at risk for heart disease, showed a 30 percent increased likelihood of heart attack than for those who took at least one week off.

Employee retention--

A report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, that examined vacation policies, noted that 37 percent of working dads surveyed said they'd consider a new job with lower pay if it offered a better work-life balance. 

Stronger bottom line--

Employees who feel better, work better. Not only is productivity improved, but says Adam Sacks, president of the Tourism Economics Division of Oxford Economics, that a stockpile of unused time off creates a financial liability for companies when employees "cash out" upon departure.


Create a Climate That Encourages Vacation

Business owners and managers are responsible to their employees to make the workplace accepting of vacation and time off. Lead by example and take time off for yourself if you are a leader in your company. Be sure you leave with the resources in place for staff to cover your absence. And if your employees are not asking for time off, encourage it.

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