Don’t Be at Odds with Facades

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Appearances Matter: Let’s not fool ourselves. Appearance matters. If you’ve ever scoped out a blind date on Facebook or generally trolled someone on social media, you understand the concept. When we’re talking about keeping up with current practices, this phenomenon is important. What you put out there for people to see matters. Whether it’s your personal/professional image or your business image, it is vital to take a calculated approach to what public façade you are presenting. If you’re cognizant of the image you are putting forth then you know the importance it can have both for your personal brand and for your ...Read More

Customer Focus Drives Consumers to Favor Small Businesses

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When it comes to a personalized experience US consumers tend to choose small businesses rather than the non-personal experience of a large business. Lower prices aren’t as much of a factor when it comes to choosing small businesses as one might think.  In April 2014 data provided by AYTM Market expressed that personal service was the second largest contributing factor to choosing small business with supporting local economy being number one.     A study done in August of 2013 by Web.com and Toluna provided results that were similar. The greatest influencing factor when deciding what type of business to go to ...Read More

Don’t Let Tight Purse Strings Choke your Business Expansion Dreams

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Since the economic downturn in 2009 we have witnessed the disappearance of a number of capital funding opportunities for small business owners. For many this has meant the dream of expanding their business and investing in new capital has gone away as well. One such example comes from armed forces veteran Bob Hulchanski who opened a small machine shop prior to the recession in 2006.   Bob was able to secure a Patriot Express loan to finance his start up and acquire the space, equipment and labor he needed to kick off his operation. While Bob’s adventure has been successful and expanded to the capacity ...Read More

Top Finance Apps for Small Business Owners

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Managing finances can be tricky in a small business, especially since there are so many other business-y things to keep track of day-to-day. Thankfully, you don’t need to be able to do everything yourself if you can find the right tools to help you keep track of your dollars and cents. Here’s a list of some of the best small business financing apps to help you manage your dollars.   Easy Books                                                        This app helps small business owners track bank account balances, cash flow, business expenses, invoices, assets, earnings, credit card statements, etc. The app will let you generate invoices and ...Read More

Inequality in Funding For Female Entrepreneurs

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In today’s global economy, the proportion of female entrepreneurs is higher than ever. According to the State Owned Business Report, this increase is a mind-blowing 68% since 1997. With a miraculous 9.1 million female owned U.S. businesses currently being operated in 2014, women-owned business generate over a trillion and a half dollars for the global economy. With the amount of traction women are gaining in the entrepreneurial community, these ventures are attracting unprecedented media attention. This begs the question: Is this simply a trend or is it a business segment that’s here to stay? With woman-owned businesses representing over a ...Read More

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