Is Crowdfunding Right For My Small Business?

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There's no debate, launching a new business, investing in a great idea, manufacturing the next indispensable life-hack all takes capital. You could rely on a distant great aunt's fortune to get you going, or if that's not an option, consider various loan avenues, cash advance solutions or perhaps turn to the Internet to raise funds.   Crowdfunding is defined as "the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet." With this platform, you have the opportunity to showcase your business or idea to the world.   Successful crowdfunding ...Read More

Which is Worse, Unemployment or a Bad Job?

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A report out of the United Kingdom recently suggests that having a bad job may be more psychologically damaging than being unemployed. Experts have long warned about the emotional strain that unemployment takes on a person. A person unemployed for six months or longer often experiences odepression oworse eating habits, leading to binge eating and weight gain ostress and anxiety ointerrupted sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and related health problems ostrained relationships   So how could a bad job be worse? The researchers say that a bad job--one that fails to stimulate or is poorly suited to the worker--can lead to the same and worse psychological ...Read More

Have you Business Ready in the Face of Natural Disaster

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Sometimes it's not economic turns or competition wars that overwhelm a business. As we're either watching or experiencing in California, destruction from weather can bring any property and small business owner to his or her knees. This week, the winds, rain, mudslides, flooding and power outages have put a hold on the gaining momentum towards the holidays and businesses are feeling the stress.   Small Business Majority released a report last July citing the impact of natural disasters on small businesses, noting that the greatest impact is felt by small business. One-third of small business owners report being hindered by a ...Read More

Is it Time for your Small Business To Export?

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Of the nearly 300,000 businesses exporting to the global market, it's estimated that about 286,000 of them are small businesses. In 2010, the Obama administration launched a National Export initiative to help educate small businesses on the game of exporting, a move that can add dimension, diversification and strength to your company's bottom line. Dario Gomez, a former SBA official involved in the initiatives launch noted that economic opportunity for small business is not just in food or retail products, but that services can also be marketable overseas, are, in fact in demand. Engineering, environmental, architectural and specialty construction services ...Read More

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