5 reasons to move your business out of your basement

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Your basement might be the best place to test out new business ideas, and to work late nights on your start-up after putting in a full day's work. But as you build your idea or product into a business, your space should also evolve. Necessary milestones often drive you from your home office into a dedicated office space, like hiring employees, growing your inventory or manufacturing efforts, meeting with clients on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, making the move from home office to a dedicated office space is a big step!   Is it time for you to make the move? ...Read More

What to know before applying for a merchant cash advance

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Merchant cash advances can either save your business or hinder it, according to who you ask or where Google takes you. But in reality, the benefits of an MCA fall somewhere in between. If your retail business is experiencing distress, and you're in need of immediate cash flow, you're likely researching alternative options to bank loans. A merchant cash advance could be what saves you. If your business is in severe distress and you're not making consistent credit card sales yet you apply for a merchant cash advance, the added stress to your financial situation could be a bad idea. A ...Read More

3 Solid last-minute holiday marketing tips for your small business

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It's early December. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have passed. Do you feel like your small business needs continued to push to market for the holiday season? Maybe you have more inventory than you're comfortable with, or your bottom line is not measuring up? There's still time before Hanukah (though not much), Christmas, and Kwanzaa is here! There are still last-minute marketing strategies to get more viewers on your website, people walking through your door, and attention for your businesses, without sacrificing this entire month of sleep. One article we found online lists "create a marketing strategy" as ...Read More

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