Cash Flow Tips for the New Year

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We all know the saying "It takes money to make money," and you will hear these words from many small business owners. Many small business owners at one time or another have had challenges managing their businesses cash flow. The fact that over 40 percent of small business owners have encountered cash flow difficulties that have had severe repercussions on their business is astonishing. Bizlender wants to help entrepreneurs manage their cash flow for 2018 with some helpful cash flow tips: Conduct a Cash Flow Projection By making a cash flow projection, you can trace differences in your business’s cash balance ...Read More

How to Choose an Alternative Finance Partner

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A business cash advance (BCA) isn't for every business, but it is an attractive alternative for some companies. Read on to determine if a Business Cash Advance (BCA) is right for your business and how to choose a partner. If your business is looking for funding options for your business plans, you have multiple options. Conventional banks, SBA loans, equipment loans, crowdfunding, invoice factoring, hard money lenders and much more. But arguably most underutilized, channels of funding is a business cash advance (BCA). But with so many various partners with different rates and terms, how do you know which is the ...Read More

How to use financing for your Retail Business

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If you are the owner of a retail shop, you understand that the success of your business can be influenced by customer spending habits and trends. At BizLender, we are here to support your retail business and help your business benefit from favorable trends and growth opportunities in the retail marketplace. Our team of funding specialists knows everything about securing funding for retailers. We will manage all of your financing requirements so you can focus on your clients and grow your retail business. After all, your clients are what makes your business successful. Funding through BizLender for your retail store ...Read More

Comparing Financing Options for Small Businesses

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If your small company requires more cash than can be accommodated credit lines, it may be inevitable to fund expenses through a small business loan. As with any method of financing, debt structure and payment plans will depend on the lending source, credit history and the overall health of the business. However, the first decision a business owner needs to make is deciding what type of financing works best for them. In this post, we will look at three examples of funding; Unsecured Business Loans, Secured Business Loans, and Alternative Financing. Unsecured Loans For entrepreneurs with excellent credit, an unsecured business ...Read More

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