Stalled Sales: 5 Ways to Find New Customers

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Business can be good, but if it doesn't get better, you could be in trouble. New leads, new customers, and fresh revenue streams are key to not only growth, but business maintenance. Looking for ways to boost your client list or customer base? Try these five things.   1. Redefine your target market. Regular re-examination of your business goals is important. Markets change, products change, people change. As you grow your business, stop periodically to assess your place in the market, and redefine your goals if necessary. Focus on the benefits that your product or service deliver. Are you better priced ...Read More

Don't Fall into These Money Mistakes

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As a business owner, you face decisions on a daily basis. Some you make with a sold background of pros and cons, considering your facts, spreadsheets and factors involved. Others are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants decisions, made in haste or spontaneity. Quick decisions can't be avoided, but keep some of these proven pitfalls in mind to avoid money mistakes.   Underestimating Costs come in all kinds of ways. Legal, taxes, fees, interest rates, raised rents, prices and unforeseen issues. When laying out a strategy for growth, launching a new product, adding on to your building, hiring new people or otherwise investing in your business, pad ...Read More

Why You Should Have an Exit Strategy

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One facet of growing your business, being a successful entrepreneur, is the opportunity to sell your hard work down the road for a profit. At any time, do you know the worth of your business? If your circumstances changed and you had to "list" it like you would a property, what would the going rate be, and how can you make it as attractive as possible? CPAs have reported their clients' surprise at the low value of the business they've been building over years. Both financial viability and the projected future success of the venture weigh on a prospective buyer's ...Read More

Make Quality your Brand Name

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As you build your small business, you decide many things during the course of a day, a week and a month. Colors and fonts, logos, business structure, financing options. Employees, operating procedures, location, and hours. Strategy, marketing positions and branding. Regardless of your product or service, customers who come back to you will do so because you offer value and quality. And when you have customers who come back, you are indeed building a business.   What is Quality to Customers? Of course, quality bows to subjectivity, although, for many trades, quality standards exist. Associations or trade groups set standards against which ...Read More

Will Chip and PIN Cards Change How Your Customers Pay?

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Integrated circuit cards, also knows as IC or chip cards, have been a global standard in credit and debit card transactions for many years, but relatively new for merchants in the United States. Chip and PIN cards--the title given to this technology in Ireland and Great Britain--is also known as EMV throughout Europe, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. "Chip" refers to a embedded computerized chip in the smart card, and PIN is the personal identification number a customer uses in place of a signature. The biggest difference between a traditional magnetic stripe and chip and PIN card for ...Read More

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