Do You Need More than One Business Plan?

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Your business plans define your goals, operational plans and financial landscape, typically in an attempt to find capital. You may write it with lenders in mind, but experts note that a business plan, much like a resume, should be tailored to a particular audience. And it's not just banks and venture capitalists who might be reading the document.   Who, Besides Lenders, Reads Your Business Plan? Potential Partners More than investors, partners have a say in how the business will be run on a day-to-day. When a potential partner reads your business plan, he or she will likely be focusing on ownership details. ...Read More

How Immigrants Influence Start-ups and the Economy

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Would immigration reform help kick-start America's stalled entrepreneurial activity? It's a question posed by Dane Stangler, Kauffman Foundation's Vice President of Research & Policy in a recent blog post on Forbes. The bulk of research on immigrant entrepreneurs highlights the contribution they make to the U.S. economy, showing high business formation rates among immigrants, successful businesses that hire employees, and a higher incidence of exporting goods and services than non-immigrant small business owners.   Facts about Immigrant-Owned Small Businesses Statistics abound: immigrants create new business at a higher rate than native-born citizens. And trends are showing a divide; an increase in entrepreneurship ...Read More

The Modern-Day Press Release

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The press release: a document to share your businesses event, new product, new employee or other relevant, current story with the media. Years ago, it was sent off to newspapers with the hope it would get picked up and printed, maybe generate a news story. Today's press release can achieve so much more for your small business. Go Multimedia No longer a static document, your press release should include taggable graphics and video. Choose an image or images that relate to your news and include the release headline in the name and tags. Also, use hashtags and the image URL linked ...Read More

Small Business Funding: Using Business Value or Your Valuables?

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When building your business, you hope that the product you're selling, or service, you're providing, is considered valuable. Your service fills a need; therefore your business will grow. This is how budding entrepreneurs typically approach a lender for small business financing. Create a business plan. Perhaps conduct operations on a small scale to establish credit, and then apply for a loan. If a business owner comes up with obstacles to qualify for a traditional loan--perhaps only a few months under her belt in business, less than perfect credit, insufficient collateral or a more immediate need for cash than a traditional ...Read More

Why You Want Your Employees to Vacation

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Work yourself to the bone, and you'll burn out. If you're a small business owner or tireless entrepreneur, you know it and have maybe experienced it. Common sense, yes, and yet studies have been devoted to the benefits of relaxation, time off and rest for working people. A recent Huffington Post article titled "Way Too Many Americans Took ZERO Vacation Days in 2014" highlights our culture's severe lack of acceptance to taking some R&R. Says the article, that according to Skift, one of today's foremost authorities on travel trends, almost 42 percent of Americans did not take a single vacation ...Read More

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