10 Qualities Successful Entrepreneurs Share

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When you think of successful entrepreneurs, you think of people like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Jeff Bezos. These high-achieving, uber-successful people started with nothing and built their businesses into the empires that they are today. Although they may be different in their ideologies and approaches to business, they share some common traits that have led them to tremendous success. Successful entrepreneurs often share some, if not all, of these ten qualities: Passion.First, entrepreneurs are passionate about the product or service they create. Successful entrepreneurs love their businesses. They are driven by passion to put in the extra hours ...Read More

10 Tips to Help Your New Business Become Successful

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Every new business owner wants to create a successful company. Starting your own business is exciting and challenging at the same time. Becoming an entrepreneur takes time, planning, and lots of effort. From legally establishing your company to generating clients and finding financing, being a small business owner takes skill. Here are ten quick tips to help your startup become successful: Start with a plan: Create a business plan that maps out key details about your business. Be clear about what form your product or service should take, and outline specific objectives and strategies you want to pursue. Understand the ...Read More

How Healthy is Your Small Business?

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Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that often comes with financial pressure. Running your small business with a favorable cash flow position is a lofty goal for many new business owners. Achieving that goal exemplifies a healthy company. Having cash on hand gives small business owners a sense of security in the event of unexpected expenses. It also allows you to prepare to expand your business, and reinvest in your growth and future success. External factors play a significant role in managing the finances of your small business. Market disturbance, lead flow, and future payments can all put the financial position ...Read More

Persistence, Perseverance & Positivity

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Entrepreneurship is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work on projects you are truly passionate about. To become a successful small business owner, however, positivity is key. As an entrepreneur, you dedicate 110% of your time, energy, and effort to your business. You eat, sleep, and breath small business. Unfortunately, this may lead to burn out. It’s easy to get caught up in setbacks like a slow sales day, client complaints, or a milestone that you haven’t achieved. Persistence, perseverance, and positivity are key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here’s ...Read More

What Your Dog Can Teach You About Running a Successful Small Business

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Does your dog have an entrepreneurial mindset? You might not think of Fido as the next CEO, but there's a lot he can teach you about becoming a successful entrepreneur. Check out these tips we've picked up from our furry friends on how to be the best small business owners we can be: Overcome fear with love. Have you ever seen a shy, scared shelter dog come out of his shell and learn to love again? That's the attitude you should take when you become an entrepreneur. Don't allow the fear of failure stop you from taking risks. Allow the ...Read More

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