7 Types of Twitter Users

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Over 100 million users log in each day on Twitter to share and gather information. Those 140 characters can share quite a lot and even end up on a morning or late night television if you're clever enough! It may seem all pop-culture and trendy, but if you're a small business owner, statistics show it's worth it to master your hashtag skills and hop on, if you haven't already.   Generally speaking, here's who you'll find on Twitter:   Publishers: News outlets, pop culture magazines, literary journals, and every publisher in between uses Twitter to draw readers to their content.   The Expert: From authorities ...Read More

Is it Getting Easier for Small Businesses to Get a Loan?

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Small businesses are having an easier time getting loans from big banks as opposed to small banks, according to the February 2015 Biz2Credit Small Business Index. February indicated the high point since the Great Recession, showing an increase of 12.5% in lending approvals since last year. It's been a growing trend, as 11 of the past 12 months have seen an increase in loan approval rates.   Why Big Banks? According to the Biz2Credit release, big banks can keep fixed loan expenses down with conventional loans, as opposed to smaller banks that use SBA-backed funding. Also bigger banks are using faster technology ...Read More

Be Seen (Liked, Followed and Shared!) on Social Media at These Peak Times

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  Just about everyone has his or her time of day; you're either a morning person or night owl. Fruits have seasons, and even social media has its peak. The web has it's own circadian rhythm and to maximize your content; you should know when it'll get the most eyes, which translates to likes, clicks, shares, and re-tweets. Take your audience and choice of social media into consideration, and get posting! Where and when are the best times to post your content online?   By now, most everyone knows the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Studies about user ...Read More

Do Good and Good Will Come to You

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One of the most amazing things as a small business owner is the freedom to make decisions that you feel good about. Ask the owner of Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, PA. He worked a desk job on Wall Street and decided one day that he needed a change. So, he opened a pizza parlor in Philly (how's that for a change?). At the suggestion of a customer, the little fresh, hot pizza shop started a Pay-it-Forward program. Pre-buy a slice and stick a Post-it Note on the wall. Those who are short on cash, homeless, or otherwise in need ...Read More

How to Keep your Best Employees

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Besides your core service or product, your employees are your businesses most valued asset. Without a dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable team who comes to work energized and ready to put in a productive day, you'd be hard pressed to turn out the quality that you do. So, how do you keep your best employees? Benefits.   Employee Benefits Basics You may think that skipping the benefits package in your small operation might be the best way to keep the doors open. Profits are returned to your bottom line rather than being eaten by HR requirements. But happy employees are ones who feel valued, ...Read More

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