Spring cleaning tips for your small business

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We've slipped into spring. Maybe you haven't put up with biting cold or shoveled much snow. Maybe the sun heats your world most days. But the calendar switch is a mental switch, too. "Spring cleaning" is a common phrase because it's a chance for renewal (again).   Are you thinking of ways to bring a spring cleaning mentality to your small business?   Whether you're online, or you have a bricks and mortar location, no doubt you can benefit from a fresh perspective, a "cleaning out."   Website spring cleaning   Like everywhere else, websites have a way of growing, with clutter forming here and there. De-cluttering ...Read More

3 ways to market your business that have nothing to do with your product

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You can develop marketing plans and invest in advertising--you should do those things as a small business owner. But beyond the traditional marketing strategies, there are creative ways to bring recognition to your business that have little to do with your actual product or service. Of course building your brand is essential to success, and your business reputation rolls right into brand development.   One might say they are intertwined.   Have you considered these three ways to bring recognition to your business without traditional marketing?   Community service   Your community is as great as the people who contribute to its success, and that includes you. ...Read More

Using a content calendar to prevent content chaos

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Don't you hate those days when you're running just a step behind? Don't feel that way about your online content marketing. A content calendar can help you manage your small businesses online presence and stay on top of your content, whether you're posting regular blogs, scheduling a social media campaign, or simply striving to keep an active business presence online.   A variety of services, templates, and software products are available, and choosing one depends on how much content you create and share, and how much is in your budget.   What does a content calendar do?   How many days have passed without posting ...Read More

Not messing up on social media, 101: 3 ways to avoid mistakes

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Scrolling through Facebook, I see a headline that, as a writer, marketer, and social media participant, gave me the willies. "6 Worst Social Media Fails in 2016--So Far." Staff writer Lindsay Friedman for Entrepreneur lists the top fails in these three short months of the new year in her article.   You can check out her full piece, but briefly, she lists these losers (or winners):   1. Coca-Cola's use of an outdated map of Russia in a fun holiday tweet prompting Russian patriots to post pictures of themselves pouring the drink into toilets, with the hashtag #BanCocaCola.   2. MTV Australia's tweet while America ...Read More

What's your elevator pitch?

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Some studies suggest that goldfish have a longer attention span than people. Yep, 9 seconds (fish) vs. 8.25 (human). So if you want to communicate something that sticks with another human, you better have it figured out before you only have a handful of seconds to sputter it out of your mouth.   The elevator pitch. Twenty to 30 seconds to summarize your business to a potential customer, your business idea to a potential investor, or even your resume or qualifications to a potential employer. The best networking is often done face-to-face, unplanned, and spontaneously. Right now, can you communicate your ...Read More

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