While Alternative Lending Grows, Regulation Slow and Steady

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Change is inevitable. It will be so for the youthful industry of alternative lending. But those involved--from lenders to borrowers and the businesses in between--have been watching and waiting. It's like a collective breath is being held as lawmakers review the need for regulations. American Banker predicts a bumpy regulatory road for the alternative lending industry, although no particular legislators, or even the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, are championing stricter regulations at this point. In fact, high profile supporters of the nonbank industry, including Karen Mills, the SBAs former administrator from 2009 to 2013, credits nonbank lenders with funding small ...Read More

Is SEO Really Still Important to Web Content?

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A recent Entrepreneur blog is essentially calling Google out as the middle man in internet searches, saying the need for search engine optimization (SEO) is fading. Google, once just a brand name for an internet search engine, has become a verb. "Google 'how to turn milk jugs into lampshades'" and you'll get all sorts of answers.   SEO Basics Search Engine Optimization is the effort, through specific action and word usage, to increase your website traffic through high ranks in organic search results. High SEO practices include: owriting clear meta descriptions ogood keyword placement in content, headers and image alt tags ousing link both internally ...Read More

Does Your Small Business Text Customers?

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First there was the mailbox. Then houses had phones installed and answering machines came into being. Then we all hopped on computers and our in-boxes filled up. The ways for businesses to reach customers, both invited and uninvited, have changed as our lifestyles have changed. And now we carry our mailboxes, answering machines and computers in our pockets and purses.   The SMS Way New research shows that 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone. Further, mobile research indicates that 90 percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. There is arguably no better ...Read More

Don't Become Your Own Credit Crisis

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Trees eventually begin to grow on a barren, fire-scarred landscape. It may be a metaphorical stretch, but after the financial crisis of 2008, the financial landscape, particularly for small businesses and up-starts, was similar to a forest burned by wildfire. Sources of funding sizzled and burned; access to capital became scarce. It was out of this disaster that new buds formed. Lenders existed who could take chances on small businesses; who saw the need for local, regional entrepreneurship to help pump new life into downtown U.S.A. "Online Lending is the New Normal," a headline on Credit Union Magazine reported, highlighting ...Read More

The Power of Podcasts: Are You In-Demand?

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With business budget gains expected across the board this year, 51 percent of B2B businesses say they plan to increase their marketing efforts by about six percent. If you're big business, that's a hefty increase, but for one-person firms or small operations, six percent isn't going to make dramatic change to your marketing plans. Despite an upswing in your expected profits, you may still be researching how to stretch a small marketing budget with in-house resources. You'll read it again and again: turn marketing focus to the internet and social media. And one tip that's prevalent for small business marketers ...Read More

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