What if there's no Marketing Budget?

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You have an idea, some start-up capital, customers, a product or service and voila, you're on your way to being a small business. It's going well, you're building a customer base and your profits are being recycled into growing the business, but there's little left over for marketing. How do you continue to get the word out?   Make what you have the best it can be. Where are your opportunities to address customers? Your website. Be sure it's user friendly, easy to navigate and clearly sells the product or service you offer. Hit the library for a book on Search ...Read More

What You Don't Want in a Leader

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When interviewing an employee or outside candidate for a leadership position, you'll certainly be looking for qualities you hope to find in that leader--excellent communication skills, someone who's a motivator with creativity, knowledge of your business and self discipline. There are certain qualities that can red flag a person as the wrong candidate for the job. Make sure you're on the lookout for those, too. Beware if you sense your candidate: Shows he or she is hesitant to change. The "we've always done things this way and it's worked just fine" attitude is a sure way to mire your company in ...Read More

Ways to Increase your Cash Flow

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Where there's a will, there's a way. The sentiment has never been so accurate in today's financial environment. If you have an idea, a plan and the drive to make your business dream a reality, you can find ways to finance that dream.  Cash flow is the stream of revenue and expenses that alters the cash account available at any given time. Part of keeping your cash flow positive is a strong collection practice, making sure you receive the money owed to you for your product or service. Common sense tells us that keeping personal expenditures down will keep the cash flow positive. But when you ...Read More

5 Pitfalls for New Businesses

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When you're devoting all waking hours, blood, sweat and tears to launching your small business, the last thing you want to do is make decisions that lead to setbacks rather than successes. Consider these five pitfalls that can lead to problems. 1. Involving the wrong people. Not like in high school, when your parents warned you about getting involved with the wrong people who might lead you down an unsavory path. In business, the people closest to you may be the wrong people. Partnering with a friend or hiring friends and family can often lead to relationship strife, and therefore ...Read More

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