You can get rich off the web

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Doesn't it seem like everyone is doing it? Hopping online and turning a cool million the first year? If you read and believe the headlines, you can do it, too. You may feel a world of possibility just within your reach. And it's there, it is. Just not as easily as the headlines would have you believe.   Let's take for granted that you have identified, developed, and become an expert with your business idea. Perhaps it's a mobile- or web-based product (like an app, type of software, or other technological solution), a tangible item for sale (like a manufactured prototype ...Read More

Don't let your cash flow out the door: Tips on loss prevention

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If you're a retail shop owner, you're busy beefing up inventory for the holiday season. Hopefully, your sales are planned, your employees are trained and ready, and you're working toward a healthy bottom line.   Beware of what can rob you of that healthy bottom line. With an increase in traffic through your door comes the increase in theft. Store owners call it shrink, thieves call it lift, the law goes with plain shoplifting. However you name it, the Global Retail Theft Barometer says over $100 billion is lost globally in revenue each year by shrinkage. The breakdown looks like this: 38% ...Read More

How Alternative Lending is Changing FICO

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The FICO score is an institution in the financial world, a staple in ranking consumer credit. It was established in the 1950s by Fair Isaac Co., but didn't become widely available to lenders until 1987, and consumers couldn't even legally access their scores until 2003.   FICO scores highly influence the credit report that lenders use to rate the risk of lending money to borrowers, taking into account a person's credit history, including types of credit and length of loans, payment track record, level of current indebtedness, and most recent credit applied for.   The trouble with Fico scores is that so many ...Read More

The benefits of daily repayments

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In our personal and business lives we are constantly paying back. Loans for cars and education; payment plans for items on holiday layaway or your child's orthodontics; mortgages on property and loans for business expenses. We are familiar with paying back. How we pay back lending agreements can vary, however. Depending on your business needs, you can pay large lump sums over time or small amounts each day or week.   Either way, you're paying back, and like J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans says, "Success isn't owned. It's leased. And rent is due every day."   Merchant cash advance   The general term "cash ...Read More

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