4 reasons alternative lending might be #goodforyou

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Robust, strong, vigorous, potent. Words that describe a good cup of coffee also describe the potential effect of alternative lending on your small business. Like a strong cup of coffee to get your day going, essential cash flow for your small business can be the boost to get operations going.   What's #goodforyou is generally thought in terms of healthy. It could be a nutritious, balanced meal instead of the nearest drive thru. It could be taking the steps instead of the escalator. In a financial sense, it could be skipping the time-consuming effort to apply for a traditional bank loan ...Read More

How to look powerful when you don't feel powerful

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Today's the day to present a business model, pitch a new product, secure an investor for new capital, run a meeting. When you walk into the room, you're going to need to own it. But you're not feeling it. Whether it's a poor night of sleep, storms in your personal life, illness, or something else non-business-related tying up your attention, there are reasons we don't wake up feeling all powerful every day. Time to summon power.   The psychology of power Forbes names the most powerful people in the world each year, based on ideas of command, influence, net worth, connections and ...Read More

Is your small retail business passing over free money?

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There's no such thing as free money, you say. But there's darn close. If you're a retailer selling national brands, chances are there's a cooperative advertising program available to you. Almost $14 billion of co-op advertising go unused every year, according to Borrell Associates, who reports that national brands have $36 billion assigned to co-op advertising programs. And instead of being swooped up by eager retailers, much of it goes unused. They report only 15 percent of advertisers participate in co-op programs.   What is co-op advertising? Co-op advertising is when a retailer specifically mentions a manufacturer in an advertisement and receives ...Read More

Do you have [this] to run a business?

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A lot goes into running a business, and to be successful it seems like you need it all. Knowledge specific to your industry, the right people by your side. Passion to keep at it when times are difficult, a hefty pile of capital or some type of small business financing, and some luck.   What's missing from this list? Experts say [this] one thing is key; that success without it is a longshot. [This] is confidence.   Truly confident people are more likely to earn higher wages and get promoted more quickly in a work environment. Starting and running your own business without ...Read More

Financing for women-owned small business

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The title of this post was originally "Women-owned small business growing while financing continues to fall short." That headline is not unique, something no writer wants to admit. But in this case, headlines across the web read similar sentiments. "Number of female-owned businesses grow, but revenue lags way behind," and "What a surprise: Access to capital is still a hurdle for women-owned business," and "Women-owned businesses are trailing in size and revenue." The reason, according to that last Fortune headline? Lack of investors. Lack of financing.   According to U.S. Census data released last month, owomen are starting businesses at twice the ...Read More

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