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By Josh Hart | Oct 27, 2017 | Uncategorized |

You have handed out business cards, printed flyers, sent out mailers and postcards, blasted all your followers on social media, and still, you are not driving the traffic and leads required to grow your business and build your brand. Don't panic there as many ways to generate leads for your business. Here is a list of BizLender's favorites.

Powerful branding
Customers prefer authoritative businesses. They like to do business with companies that have a powerful, clear and consistent message throughout all of their marketing. You won't be able to be everything to every customer. Instead be the expert in the industry with a focus on communication and consistent branding and your lead flow will increase naturally.

Direct Mail
A remarkably versatile tool that gives you a way to market to prospects that are otherwise inaccessible. Direct mailers can be used for various objectives; selling products, generating sales leads, follow up inquiries, keeping in contact with former clients and brand awareness. Direct mail allows you to present company in a manner that’s 100% consistent without distraction. The key to success is extending the right message with the right offer to the right audience.

Does your company have a newsletter yet? If not, you are avoiding one of the easiest ways to generate more leads. Newsletters are an excellent technique for growing your reputation with a captive audience and can be used to establish your company as an authority in your industry, to build better client relationships.  Share with your audience your insights, recent wins you created for your customers, industry news, and to educate your base so they can make more informed and more frequent buying decisions.

Make sure you put a newsletter sign up in every possible place that makes sense on your website.

One of the best lead generating tools you can use is having a blog. Having a blog gives your company total command of what is said with the opportunity to have the complete attention of the browser. Because blogs can be seen as informal, they help you generate leads in different ways than marketing materials do, although that is not to say that your blog should not be professional. Make sure you optimize your blogs to generate leads by having a sign-up section for your newsletter and company updates. Moreover, most importantly give your blog real value with useable content and just a sales pitch.

Effective Advertising
Advertising should be more than just getting your name out there and building brand awareness. Your advertising efforts should do the same job your top salesmen do drive leads and if done right does not need to be a gamble. To be efficient, however, your advertising has to be correctly targeted. Getting your advertising in front of the largest possible audience of potential prospect's without wasting money on customers outside your demographic is key.

Stay tuned for more lists from BizLender on lead generation tips and suggestions.

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