Make Quality your Brand Name

By Jeff Kilroy | Feb 10, 2015 | Uncategorized |

As you build your small business, you decide many things during the course of a day, a week and a month. Colors and fonts, logos, business structure, financing options. Employees, operating procedures, location, and hours. Strategy, marketing positions and branding. Regardless of your product or service, customers who come back to you will do so because you offer value and quality. And when you have customers who come back, you are indeed building a business.


What is Quality to Customers?

Of course, quality bows to subjectivity, although, for many trades, quality standards exist. Associations or trade groups set standards against which companies can compare their product or service, recorded and updated in ISO9000. If you're breaking ground and want to set standards, you record your own metric standard.


In general, however, quality covers these three general questions:

1. Is the product or service delivered on time?

2. Is it everything it was promised it would be? Functional, complete, the right size and color?

3. Does it meet the expectations of your customer?


According to The Growth Coach, a consulting firm that helps business owners and executives improve their businesses, there's one golden question. Put simply, on a scale of 0-10, how likely is a customer to refer your business or service to a friend, family member or colleague?


Improve Quality, Grow Business

Dedication to quality improvement in your product or service can cost little. It's a matter of applying dedicated attention to the happiness and satisfaction of your customers. Rather than refunds or costly fixes because of mistakes, make quality the standard. Write down the steps that lead to a quality service or product. Make those steps part of your business fabric. Hold your employees to that standard and involve them in the process of reviewing your company's quality, and review it regularly.


Considering a quality control seminar? Many firms offer training for small businesses, focusing on improving processes, developing a company standard and becoming certified.


If you're seeking alternative financing for training and quality control, contact the professionals at Bizlender today! Fast approvals and flexible repayment options make it possible to secure extra cash to propel your business forward.


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