Mindfulness: An Invaluable Business Skill

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Mindfulness is more than just a trend; it’s an invaluable business skill. Major companies like Aetna, Google, and General Mills have all incorporated mindfulness into their workplace culture to improve employee wellness. A fast growing trend in leadership training, mindfulness is on the way to becoming a billion-dollar industry. In fact, mindfulness is so powerful that it has the ability to decrease your stress, strengthen your focus, improve your communication, and boost your mood. Mindfulness hones a leader’s communication skills and increases employee well-being. For the ever-hustling entrepreneur, incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine is a no-brainer.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment, without judgement, completely aware of where you are and what you’re doing. It asks that you do not overreact to what is going on around you. Mindfulness can be learned, like any other skill, through daily practice. Recognizing what you’re experiencing through your senses, as well as acknowledging your thoughts and state of mind, is part of mindfulness. Often combined with meditation, mindfulness is the practice of suspending judgement and simply focusing on your breathing in the present moment.

To practice mindful meditation, find a comfortable spot to sit. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts, and only focus on your breathing in the present moment. The goal is to focus on the now, without judgement. Our minds wander about 50% of the time, so don’t worry if your mind strays to other thoughts. Simply bring your mind back to the act of inhaling and exhaling, as often as you need to. Don’t judge yourself for letting your mind wander; recognize your thoughts, let them pass, and bring your mind back to breathing. Don’t try to control your breath, but rather let yourself be consumed by the simple act of breathing. Three, ten-minute sessions a day are all you need to begin to feel the benefits of mindful meditation. To get started, Dr. Ronald Seigel of Harvard Medical School offers free guided recordings here .

Why Practice Mindfulness?

There are some amazing benefits to incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. Practicing mindfulness is great for decreasing stress. The simple act of being in the present moment keeps you calm. Almost any stressful situation can be mitigated through a session of mindful meditation. It relaxes your body as well as your mind. Decreasing your anxiety can boost your mental resilience and improve your performance under pressure. Practicing mindful meditation daily can reduce your cortisol levels  and ease stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness also improves your focus and boosts your creativity. A lack of focus at work impedes your creativity. Through mindfulness, you can complete your tasks more efficiently while curbing distractions. Mindfulness encourages divergent thinking, or the ability to realize the greatest number of possible solutions to a given problem, which is vital for a creative mindset. You have your best insights when you’re most relaxed. With an increase in focus and concentration, you’ll be able to complete tasks more effectively.

By staying in the present moment and thinking more clearly, you can improve your ability to remain calm and communicate effectively in stressful situations. Mindfulness improves your EQ, or emotional intelligence, by improving your ability to keep a clear head and react calmly to minor conflicts. Remaining calm allows you to make more effective strategic decisions, and debate differing points of view. Increasing your EQ will also allow you to recover faster from a stressful event or situation.

Practicing mindful meditation can boost your mood and increase your sense of connection to those around you. By staying in the present moment, you can grow your sense of empathy. Mindfulness can make you more compassionate and cultivate an attitude of kindness for your colleagues and employees. It can make you more caring, generous, and encourage your instinct to help those in need. Mindfulness makes you a well-rounded corporate citizen, and a leader that people want to work for. Overall, mindfulness helps you improve your working relationships.

Your mind, like any other part of your body, can be strengthened through exercise. By practicing mindfulness daily, you can strengthen your mental fitness. Mindfulness is an asset to leaders, and is incredibly beneficial to employee well-being. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily business routine can improve your overall workplace culture, and create happier, healthier, and more dedicated employees. Mindfulness is a powerful business skill, and has the ability to decrease your stress, strengthen your focus, improve your communication, and boost your mood. Mindfulness is the secret to balancing hustle and patience.

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