Solving Cash Flow Issues with Alternative Lending

By Josh Hart | Nov 02, 2017 | Uncategorized |

If there is one absolute that small business owners strive to accomplish, it would be running their business in a favorable cash flow position. Such a condition symbolizes a healthy company and possessing the capital on hand cover expenses and to reinvest or expand is crucial for success. The actualities of entrepreneurship do not always allow for such perfect conditions.

Even if a business is not underperforming, external factors like future payments, market disturbance or lead flow can strap a companies working capital from time to time.

The point is that having positive cash flow is key to maintaining business functions day-to-day as well as long-term business growth. However, all too many business owners can attest to the challenges when cash flow obstacles go unresolved too long and become burdens too great to carry and ignore.

There are some adjustments owners can execute to increase cash flow, like updating their business models and goals, expanding into new demographics, but an inevitable step in most instances is shoring up working capital resources.

However, possessing capital is the only solution in some regards, when it comes to outstanding bills and equipment upgrades. Understanding that the answer to many of the issues small businesses face is having cash on hand, the question then becomes where to get it.

Conventional banking institutions are not the only option for small businesses any longer. Inadequate access is given to small businesses from traditional banks nowadays with delayed response times; extreme qualification and collateral requirements leave many business owners exploring financing options that can adapt to their business and their businesses unique funding needs.

In these regards, alternative lenders have risen to provide small business owners with the capital they require and the speed they need to keep their businesses running.

Three ways an alternative funding can support cash flow:

Retail businesses are especially sensitive to market swings in business due to seasonality. Nevertheless, knowing when those swings take place during the year creates sufficient time to plan for cash flow difficulties. Working with an alternative lender in the interim can help guarantee a business has adequate capital to handle the downswing.

Business upgrades
While businesses can create significant progress, it is just not plausible that they can to endure in the modern business world without continually upgrading and enhancing. That applies not only to products and services, but also new systems, devices or software improvements. It may be in the best interest to ensure you have adequate capital to complete the upgrade by reaching out to an alternative lender.

Overdue Payments
Any delay in receiving payment past the due date can cause multiple issues for a business down the line. If, your business is counting on that payment to make payroll or fund upcoming projects, for instance, the entire stability of operations can be driven into chaos. It can be an uneasy and troubled time, waiting for payments that are past due, and may require a small business owner to seek alternative funding to maintain business as usual while waiting for payment.

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