Stalled Sales: 5 Ways to Find New Customers

By Jeff Kilroy | Feb 26, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Business can be good, but if it doesn't get better, you could be in trouble. New leads, new customers, and fresh revenue streams are key to not only growth, but business maintenance. Looking for ways to boost your client list or customer base? Try these five things.


1. Redefine your target market. Regular re-examination of your business goals is important. Markets change, products change, people change. As you grow your business, stop periodically to assess your place in the market, and redefine your goals if necessary. Focus on the benefits that your product or service deliver. Are you better priced than your competition, offer faster turnaround, a more quality product, unique expertise, or are you easier to reach than your competition? These factors are called your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and they define your business and market, and help you define your customers.


2. Survey your current customers to find weak spots. You shouldn't try to please new customers if your current ones find your services or product lacking. Survey those who are loyal to you to determine ways to improve or exceed your business goals.


3. Repurpose your product or service to meet new customer needs. Once you've surveyed your customers, there are two things to do with the information you've gathered: Use the positive feedback in your marketing effort aimed at new customers, and use the negative feedback to improve your product or service. A good, hard look at improved process or meeting a need you hadn't realized was there is a great way to build up your USP and ensure you remain viable in a competitive market.


4. Beef up your online presence. We'll move forward with this statement assuming you have a website already. When was the last time you changed your content? Do you link to relevant content on the web? Have you engaged with your audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest in the last five days? Can users interact with your copy?

Add a Click to Tweet button, include a Pinterest-ready picture with every post you make, and don't leave out Facebook Like and Share buttons.


Read more about making the most of your press release.


5. Offer your expertise at no charge on occasion. Being active in your community to benefit the greater good is a win-win. Research ways to get in front of an audience to share your expertise. If you own a restaurant, partner with a local food bank to donate supplies or services once a month. Trying to launch a physical therapy practice? Visit workplaces to give free ergonomic screenings.


Invention is the mother of necessity. Sounds funny written that way, but in today's innovative marketplace, you can cultivate new customers through invention, repurposing old ideas and making your product or service the necessity.


Looking for ways to cultivate new customers? Contact the professionals at Bizlender today for small business lending solutions that can help you strengthen your product or services today.


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