Understanding and Using Alternative Financing

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Business Cash Advances – Are you eager to make a significant investment in growing your business?  If you are thinking about expanding your company, and have done some investigation into securing funding, you comprehend that a business loan from a traditional bank is based on security and excellent credit. Now you could cash in your retirement savings for and use the proceeds to fund your business, but, this isn't your option. A Business Cash Advances can be a quick and complete financing solution in many cases, especially for those who are considering investing in an already active operation.  There are two alternative funding options for proprietors that can provide quick access to capital despite credit ratings.

Things you should know about alternative funding choices.

Business Cash Advances are provided to companies as an advance on the future growth of a business. Business Cash Advances ( BCA ) are accessible to businesses that show consistent sales and future growth potential in replacement for a portion of their future sales or receivables. That portion of sales will be paid back through either a credit card split, daily ACH withdrawal, or weekly ACH withdraw and will extend until the balance of the advance has been repaid in full.The principal advantages of a Business Cash Advance:
If you are a qualified business, access to capital is granted within just one or two business days, which is substantially faster than the average funding turn-around time from a traditional bank, which, can take weeks or months. A BCA is not a loan and repayment is paid based on future daily sales in small amounts rather than large monthly installments. The daily or weekly percentage amount repaid is factored on what program you are approved for and your current funding situation.Merchant Cash Advances:
If you are approved for a Merchant Cash Advance, the repayment will adjust, depending on the batch out totals from your credit card processing for each day. BizLender has created partnerships with card-payment processors, so payment is immediate and hassle-free. Business Cash Advances are used as an alternative to a Merchant Cash Advance if a business does not receive process credit/debit enough or no card sales. The main advantage of a business cash advance is that the remittance repaid is arranged before the agreement is signed.

The driving force for qualification for both Merchant Cash Advances and Business Cash Advances is based on the strength of a company and its future growth potential than the business owner’s credit.

Alternative Funding Uses:
Alternative funding solutions should not be used as bailouts or venture capital investments for start-up companies but are intended to be short-term conveniences for flourishing businesses to reinvest in the growth of their companies instantly. As such, funds can be appropriated for a variety of plans for renovation, expansion, system updates, employee training, education, and inventory.

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