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Loan Amount


Loan Term

     1-8 years

Time to Funds

     1-3 days

Interest Rate

     Starting at 7%

Financing equipment for your business.

Purchasing equipment for a business can be a challenging task, for this reason, we have a team that specializes in providing Equipment Leasing and options for all your needs. In as little as 24/ 48 hours with a single application, and a quote we can gather some options for you to review.

What Is Equipment Financing?

As a business owner, we understand that you need equipment to conduct business- especially for those grueling jobs where you cannot rely on manpower alone. That’s where Equipment Financing comes into play… BizLender gives you the funding you need now in order to purchase the equipment needed to conduct business. 

What Kind of Equipment Can I Finance?

There are many Equipment Financing options that we offer. Fill out our application to see which option best suits your business needs.

  • Vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Restaurant appliances
  • Medical equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Technology systems

How Is BizLender’s Small Business Funding Different From a Bank Loan?

BizLender’s small business funding differs from a typical bank loan in that we, unlike a traditional bank, do not require you to go through the hassle of putting up collateral of your loan. We ask that you sign a personal guarantee that, in essence, states that you are not committing fraud.


Can I Apply For Equipment Financing or Other Small Business Loan Even If I Have Bad Credit?

Although the underwriters do look at your credit, it is not the sole factor used to determine an approval or denial. BizLender has obtained approvals for merchants whose credits scores were in the low 400s. We pride ourselves on getting a large number of our clients funded, no matter their credit score.

What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Business Funding?

To apply, your business should fulfil the requirements listed below. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to either apply or call (855) 388-1113 to discuss your options with an account manager.

  • Three months in business and operation
  • Approximately $100,000.00 in annual sales
  • Approximately $8,500.00 per month in sales
  • A business bank account


Benefits of Equipment Financing


The representative for bizlender, Gene Schecher was very helpful, polite, and answered all my questions quickly and with great clarity. I recommend Bizlender to any company that is looking to purchase new equipment or needing working capital.



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