Business Term Loan

1-5 Year Terms. Payments are made with either a weekly or monthly payment .

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Loan Amount


Loan Term

     1-5 years

Time to Funds

     24 hours

Interest Rate

    Simple interest rate starting at 5%

How it works.

You, as the borrower, receive the total amount of the loan up front and pay it back over a fixed repayment term. The total payback amount is calculated by multiplying the factor rate by the loan amount. If the loan amount is $100,000 and the factor rate is 1.10, then the total payback is $110,000. There are no draw fees or origination fees, making this one of the simplest financing options for businesses. Once your loan has been paid down by 50%, you may be eligible for new terms.

What Is a Business Term Loan?

The most common form of small business financing, a term loan is a lump sum of capital provided by the lender up front, that is paid off over time with a fixed or variable factor rate and repayment term. This program’s repayment terms range from 6 to 5 years.

Are There Fees Associated With The Term Loan?

There are no draw fees nor origination fees. There is only a factor rate applied to the loan amount which is added to the loan amount to calculate the total loan payback. Fill out our application to see which option best suits your business needs.

How Is BizLender’s Small Business Funding Different From a Bank Loan?

BizLender’s small business funding differs from a typical bank loan in that we, unlike a traditional bank, do not require you to go through the hassle of putting up collateral of your loan. We ask that you sign a personal guarantee that, in essence, states that you are not committing fraud.


When Do I Receive My Loan Funds?

Once you sign your loan agreement, we will transfer the funds to your business bank account. If you use an ACH transfer, funds will reach your account within one (1) business day. For some local and regional banks, it may take longer for the ACH transfer to arrive. If you choose to wire funds, then the funds reach your account almost instantly.

Can I Prepay By Term Loan?

Yes. You may prepay your loan in full at any time and get a 50% discount on any unpaid interest.


How Can I Get More Financing?

You may be eligible for another term loan once your current loan is paid down by 50%.


Best place I’ve found for a loan. There employees are very informative, work fast and efficiently to get you the funds you need. Mike Lettera was a fantastic help! He worked fast to help me with everything I needed. I applied on a Monday, I had funds by Friday. It was truly the fastest loan process I have seen. Great team work here!!



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